Colin Fox & Associates believes that by combining both time tested and forward thinking location intelligence, driven by experience, technology and research, we are able to provide services our client should both expect and demand in the 21st Century. Our company has a commitment to a healthier sustainable environment that is reflected in many of our green services and processes.

Integrity: CRE investment is intensely analytic, yet subject to many interpretations. Our commitment to integrity means that we serve you through the transaction and not the other way around. Truth is spoken here, even when it is bad news. Let our critical, honest thinking benefit you.


To better serve our client, our company has developed is a strategic alliance with several complementary firms to provide both synergy and cost effective collaborative solutions.   With the use of businness collabration software, we provide an integrated solution for collaboration (e.g. document management, workflow, and communication) between our in-house team, alliance partners, external vendors and clients.
With offices and strategic alliances in the USA and UK, Colin Fox & Associates delivers cost effective forward thinking real estate services.