Aerial Photography
Contact Person: Susan L. Mettle

Colin Fox & Associates provides clients with high-resolution aerial photographs by applying the proprietary Analysis and Presentation System provided by Pictometry Intelligent Images.

This powerful technology enables us to:

  • Search for properties across the U.S.
  • View locations in 3D like, high-resolution detail
  • See around properties from several views, including North, South, East, West and overhead views
  • Measure directly on oblique imagery
  • Share detailed imagery of properties and locations with potential buyers
  • Utilize imagery for website, brochures and communications
  • Reduce the need for property visits, especially to properties in remote locations or to locations with difficult or restricted access
  • Provide custom 3D fly-throughs of multiple locations for an aerial geographical reconnaissance.

Additionally we can provide Google Earth Gallery 3D fly-through movies. To see an example of a Google Earth Gallery 3D fly-through, Click Here