CCIM - Certified Commercial Investment Member: The designation is recognized as a symbol of excellence in Commercial Real Estate. Only a small percentage of commercial/investment practitioners in the United States are CCIMs, mostly because the designation is very difficult to obtain. The designation is considered "the PhD of Commercial Real Estate". Through the CCIMs award-winning web site and an exclusive e-mail network, a client's property is marketed to thousands of prospective buyers, sellers and space users.

A Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) is a recognized professional in commercial real estate brokerage, leasing, asset management, valuation, and investment analysis. Since you can’t make intelligent real estate decisions without learning about Market and Competitive Analysis, Political and Legal Analysis, and Location Intelligence, the CCIM Institute has made components an important part of their course curriculum.

As an experienced expert, a CCIM understands all aspects of the real estate transaction is an invaluable resource to the commercial real estate owner, investor, and user.

The CCIM Institute, through its education program, has been conferring the CCIM designation since 1969. The 240 hours of graduate-level curriculum leading to the designation represent the finest education available in real estate. Professional experience requirements ensure that a CCIM is skilled not only in theory, but also in practice. Only more than 6,000 commercial real estate professionals hold the CCIM designation, which reflects the caliber of the program and why it is one of the most coveted and respected designations in the industry.

With a business network encompassing 1,000 markets throughout the world, CCIMs effectively direct local, national, and international commercial real estate transactions. Additionally, through the institute's association with other U.S. and international professional real estate organizations, client properties can be marketed to investors in 52 countries around the world.