Investment Analysis

Contact Person: Colin Fox

Colin Fox & Associates furnishes an extensive range of investment analysis reports for all property types. Our comprehensive reports can help you:

  • Make lease-or-buy-or-build decisions based on objective research-backed analysis
  • Quickly and accurately analyze commercial real estate assets and transactions
  • Understand market realities and risks
  • Develop leasing strategies, business and marketing plans
  • Forecast property cash flows
  • Calculate investment values and returns
  • Share asset and transactional data with clients, partners and colleagues
  • Navigate complex international deal structures
  • ARGUS Valuation-DCF™ provides customized dashboard visibility into properties and portfolios with printable executive summary.

Build Fortunes not Spead Sheets

Depending on the property type and transaction (Investment or development), our reports are generated with either ARGUS Valuation-DCF™ or ARGUS Developer™ software and can be provided in Excel, PDF, or html format. Clients can also view reports via our ARGUS Zone transaction portal.